We the people fight the power! #FuckAusterity!

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Since dawn this morning in Frankfurt, the heart of European finance, began disturbance actions and opposition to the opening of the Eurotower, the shiny new skyscraper of the European Central Bank. Today in Frankfurt the “caste” of politicians and bankers who governs our lives is celebrating the inauguration of their new bunker from which it will issue new policies of austerity and suffering for the population. Thousands of activists from across Europe have reached the city and, from hours, on the streets of Frankfurt perform blocks and demonstrations, trying to approach the new tower, where a moment ago was dropped a banner that says “Capitalismus tötet”, capitalism kills.

More than one billion euro is the cost of the new headquarters of the European Central Bank, that slap in the face to the people the arrogance of a financial power that enriches the banks and imposes to the population policies of austerity not more tolerable. A few of richs and thousands of poors, this is the result of the neoliberal system and policies of the Troika. There is no rescue on the horizon for the countries devastated by the crisis through these murderous policies: cuts in public spending, deficit reduction led only poor growth and unemployment, the destruction of public schools and welfare systems. There is nothing to celebrate for the glitz of that sparkling tower, if not for the elite of politicians, bankers, real estate that while with one hand continuing to steal our money with the other preparing to bury definitively Greece as well as anyone else dares to rebel against the diktats of the financial casta.

In fact, an impressive mechanism was set up to defend the elite by the German police, to accommodate the thousands of protesters who have arrived in the city: from the classics stinging pepper spray to the last-generation hydrants, Frankfurt is invaded by an array of about 10 thousand policemen to defend the new bunker of financial power.

“Your Money or Your Life” we said in 2008, at the beginning of the crisis, when it was beginning to show the true face of the dictators of finance. So we started to build partisans and resistant territories, both as an antidote to austerity and antibody responses reactionary and racist. This is the time to demonstrate that an alternative to their diktat is possible and feasible from the territories that we live everyday: today we are in Frankfurt, accomplices and in solidarity with those who are showing the world the anger of a population that no longer tolerates the arrogance of unjust policies and unsustainable both in economical and environmental terms. Every day we are in our occupied spaces, in schools in mobilization, in our solidarity neighborhoods to build resistant territories where the struggles and active solidarity give life to mutual aid against the crisis and austerity demonstrating that our life is worth more of their accounts in bank. “People before profit”!

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