Climate Open Platform

Youth 4 Climate and PreCOP are two international summits that will be held in Milan between the end of September and the beginning of October 2021. These meetings are going to lay the groundwork for the UN Climate Change conference of Parties (COP26) that will be held in Glasgow in November.
The summit’s goals are to lay the framework needed to change the course of global policy and avoid the worst effects of the climate crysis.
Fridays for Future wants to take a stand and create a common voice for climate justice.
After the protests that shooked the world and dragged the climate crisys into public debate, politicians still haven’t found an adequate response. Now it’s time for ambientalist movements to put back climate and social justice in the center of global and national policies, to claim the public role in the economy and to strive for a sustainable transition that is (in order to) going to protect the health of perople and territories.
For these reasons, we can’t let governments fail again during the COP26, we can’t let the lobbies and corporations’interests and lobbies curb the real ecologic transition, based on justice and equity.
It’s necessary that the Paris Agreements, signed during the COP21, are made legally binding to all member states and we have to make sure that transition to social and climate justice is going to be the focal point of global politics from now on.
Ecological translation can’t happen without a systemic change in our political and economic model on a global level. Colonizers and corporations, responsible for centuries 

“SMS – Spazio di Mutuo Soccorso” is a mutual aid project that takes place in a huge headquarter in Milan. This experience was born in 2013 thanks to a committee for city rights against eviction and gentrification.

In this place, SMS, there are different projects: a popular gym, a swap market that fight fast fashion and promote recycle and reuse, a popular university with different courses and a languages school, a buying collective that connect customers with farmers of the area, a playgroup for childrens, a bicycle repair and much more.

SMS is a resistant community in which inhabitants and volunteers cooperate to build up an experience outside of market and business logics, in which exchanges and solidarity are the guidelines to reach autonomy and freedom.

The mutual aid space is a place where the circular economy is experimented.

The clothes are reused and brought back to life, the garden in the courtyard provides products for food distribution to the needy, the Solidarity and Popular Purchase Group puts small agricultural producers and consumers in contact, avoiding the large-scale distribution chain.

For these reasons SMS is the ideal place to host the first of a series of conference about climate justice: a place free from the market dynamics that led us to the climate crysis, a place that with its own existance is a proof that another world is possible, a beacon of hope that promises to lead us in the right direction.

Greta Thunberg

Activist for Fridays For Future Sverige

Mitzi Jonelle Tan

Activist for Fridays For Future Philippines and Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines.

Luca Mercalli

The fight for climate justice is a fight based on science and scientific evidence, for this reason the conference will be opened by Luca Mercalli, an Italian scientist and divulgator.

Fridays For Future Madrid

In2019, Fridays for Future Madrid hosted with other social movements Cumbre Social Por El Clima, a counter-summit parallel to COP25.

Mediterranea Saving Humans

Climate Change will lead to an increase in human migrations. Mediterranea Saving Humans takes a stand with Fridays For Future in the fight for climate justice for climate justice means above everything else saving human lives.


Chiudere le organizzazioni neofasciste subito!

Chiudere le organizzazioni neofasciste subito!

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Global Climate Strike – Venerdì 22 Ottobre 2021

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