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We are the multicultural city, the mixed society: male and female, workers, students of high schools and universities, precarious workers, activists, associations, inhabitants from the suburbs, migrants and persons of second and third generation.

We live on our skin the dissolution of labor rights, the elimination of our income, we live on our skin urban and social policies in which the horizon of Justice seems to disappeared , in order to criminalize poverty.

We stand in a state of insecurity that doesn’t give us the possibility to give stability to our plans for the future: it makes no difference if this is produced by unemployment and job insecurity, or restriction of the rights to housing and health, or laws that force us in hoping to get permits of stay and documents.

They would like to put us one against each other, stoking our anger to dissipate our energies: residents against immigrants, temporary workers against unemployed, refugees against migrants, documented against undocumented; this is why they keep on creating policies that make people stay illegaly, generate fear and racism.

We reject the idea that racism is somehow caused by less control exercised on migrants, and therefore should be fought by restricting people’s rights: on the contrary, the basis of racism is precisely the creation of the term “clandestine”, stoke through barriers to legal stay and segregation of migrants; It’s a tactic that we already know all too well, and that was also used under the Nazi regimes, one of the worst massacres in history.

We reject these false oppositions, because before the deprivation of dignity, the only concrete action is the mutual aid in front of the common problem of injustice, the only effective response is solidarity.

We work every day to create opportunities to meet and help each other, in order to produce wealth from our diversity through concrete activities that we carry on everyday; We fight fascism and racism not with words, but promoting knowledge and sharing.

With our hands, with our commitment, we’ve created a multitude of experiences that everyday practice real solidarity: cultural and voluntary associations, student’s collectives, neighborhood committees, schools of Italian for migrants, trade unions, legal help desk, popular gyms and much more: we are the promoters of a welcome enviroment for everybody that started from the bottom.

Everywhere in Europe in response to situations that deny the dignity were born experiences of self-organization that give concrete support to people, that generate relations of solidarity: this is the real resistance to blockade and xenophobic policies, this is the antidote to the authoritarian temptations.

We have therefore raised the slogan of “No one is illegal”, launched by the big demonstration in Barcelona on February 18th, were under this words 200.000 people marched together. The base of our proposal for a bottom and circular welcoming, based on reciprocity and self-determination and not militarization and segregation.

In Milan, as in Barcelona, we ​​mobilize ourselves to denounce the inability of national governments and of the entire European system to build a welcome worthy, to bring to light that we practice solidarity with all the citizens regardless  their origin. With our commitment we build a mixed city and inclusive Europe to oppose to racist and fascist policies that erase the rights of people.

We want to open today a large public debate on the prospects of a future based on mutual aid and mutual enrichment: we want to give shape to these ideas drafting proposals for short and long term at all levels: local, national, international.

We say enough to the European and Italian policies of rejection and exclusion: no agreements with dictatorships and countries on war, which finance torturers and multiply the dead, no to the violation of human rights in hot spots and centers, reported, among others, Amnesty International, no to Minniti-Orlando decrees that reproduce the idea of ​​the migrant as an enemy through administrative detention, forced returns, the special courts, the extraordinary powers to the mayors.

We demand freedom of movement: we want all people to be free to choose where to build their lives and that they can do with dignity; Therefore we reject the ghetto shelter and racist logic of  services “reserved” to migrants, we propose instead that the huge resources devoted to rejection and segregation have to be taken off the hands of traffickers, arms dealers and speculators and designed to suit the widespread and better services for all and everyone regardless of nationality.

We welcome the invitation to give birth, the next spring to a big parade like that of Barcelona, on the assumption that no person may be regarded as illegal, whether they run away from a war or a dictatorship, whether they escape from territories devastated by the countries who then reject them, in order to starts looking for a better future: challenge today the institutions that call themselves anti-racist to comment on the policies and rejection of segregation, and above all to act consistently with its own statements in the exercise of its real powers.

We invite meanwhile all the citizens that think like us, that the rights become larger if they are shared, that as we believe in solidarity and not in fear, to make next April 25 a day of anti-racism and solidarity with the migrants, because the memory is a tool to recover the present and build the future. 


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