Martedì 26 Luglio, alle ore 21.30 allo Spazio di Mutuo Soccorso (piazza Stuparich 18) proiezione del film Turk 182, in italiano con i sottotitoli in inglese.

“Turk 182!” tells the story of an angry young man who plays humiliating practical jokes on the mayor of the world’s dumbest city that, for the purposes of this movie, is New York. The city is dumb because not a single one of its citizens can figure out who the mysterious man signing himself “Turk 182!” really is. No, not even the character whose nickname is Turk and whose, fire department badge number is 182.

Mercoledì 27 Luglio al Cantiere (via Monterosa 84) Louder than a bomb, show con U_Net e Dj Stile.

Domenica 31 Luglio in Piazza Selinunte Block party hip hop all’insegna di Rap, Breakdance e Writing.