On the 6th of June, the liberated area of Tovarna Rog in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, was attacked by the city with bulldozers, 40 security guards (couple of them known neonazis) and the police in order to demolish it and build a place of mass-consumption instead.

Tovarna Rog are squatted buildings which were left to ruin by the municipality and were turned into autonomous space 10 years ago, and have become one of the rare places in Ljubljana  for people to freely and autonomously organize themselves. In it, 30 collectives have found their place to produce art, skate, hold talks, debates and festivals, to organize politically for and with homeless, excluded, erased (one of the darkest  episodes of short history of slovenia), migrant workers, to integrate refugees, work and talk with them, to organize concerts and parties…

The Centro Sociale Cantiere, a 15 years old occupied and self-organized center of Milano, Italia, expresses its entire solidarity with its Slovenian comrades. Even if the repression was tough, people of Tovarna Rog managed to keep away the bulldozers and stop the eviction. We strongly hope that this area of mutual aid and resistance to the neo-liberal housing politics will continue to defy the ongoing gentrification process threatening all European cities.


Website of Tovarna Rog

Website of the European Coalittion for Housing and for the City