Venerdì 27 Maggio 2016


Massive Culture il 27 Maggio chiude in bellezza un anno ricco di serate di vera dancehall e di politica e vi regala una danz speciale con un ospite d’onore direttamente da Parigi: HEARTICAL SOUND, vincitore di diversi SoundClash tra cui il “War inna Belgium”, il “Heidelberg Cup Clash” e il “Venice International Clash”.
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✍ BIO:

▶ Heartical was created by Mr Boom, Wap, Mr Tam and Sir Joe. The sound played for the first time on June 21st, 1999: it was the Music Day, we organized and performed in our first party at the Abadidon Club in Paris. We all enjoyed the vibes and from that day onwards we have kept on playing Reggae on the traditional sound system form, behaving as messengers and entertainers.

In a way, Heartical existed years before, as we know each other since childhood. We had the opportunity to go to Africa several times, and to work there with different solidarity NGO’s (non-government organizations). As a result of all our experiences, we are founding members of Panamafrica, a humanitarian association for African development. Africa is the mother land, and we want to be in constant touch with her, to remember where the music we love originally came from. The sound plays on every benefit dance organized by Panamafrica since 1999. Long-time Reggae listeners, collectors and sound addicts, we want to share our love for this music and its artists. Our mission is to bring this universal message of unity everywhere and to everybody.

Since its creation, Heartical has played all over France & in many countries including Jamaica but also the USA, England, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ghana, Senegal, India, Israel or Thailand.

We have juggled with other major international sounds like Killamanjaro (Jamaica), David Rodigan (UK), Stone Love (Jamaica), Youthman Promotion (Jamaica), Sir Coxsone (UK), King Tubbys (UK), Massive B (USA), Mighty Crown (Japan), Pow Pow (Germany), Bass Culture (Belgium), Civalizee Foundation (Belgium), Axxion Pack (Sweden), Komposti (Finland), Boss Hi Fi (Switzerland), Cultural Warriors (Switzerland), Little Lion (Switzerland), Magic Tuts (Switzerland), Golden Bass (Italy), Love Massive (Italy), I Shence (Italy), Bashment Kingz (Estonia), Stereotone (Spain), One Blood (Spain) or Robbo Ranks (UK).

Since 2003, Heartical has clashed against Youthman Promotion (Jamaica), Sir Coxsone (UK), King Tubbys (UK), Black Magic (USA), BBC Hifi (USA), Luv Injection (UK), Rootsman (UK), Superfresh (Canada), Supersonic (Germany), Soundquake (Germany), Warrior Sound (Germany), Runn Sound (Netherlands), Northern Lights (Italy), Blues Party (Fr), Soul Stereo (Fr), Guiding Star (Fr) and Irie Crew (Fr).

Heartical also backed live shows by many international artists on stage including David Hinds from Steel Pulse, General Levy, Anthony Johnson, Al Campbell, Spanner Banner, Errol Maïs, Dennis Alcapone, Prince Hammer, David Jahson, Hopeton James, U Brown, Mike Brooks, Joseph Cotton, Lloyd Brown, Robert Lee, Bunny Lye Lye, Starkey Banton, YT, Little Roy or Skarra Mucci. We also backed live lots of French speaking artists like Original Uman, Little Dany or Sista Rosta.

Heartical Dubplates collection is now one of the biggest in Europe and we can play dubs from Jamaican, American, English, French, Kreyol, Finish, Spanish or Italian speaking artists ! We have exclusive cuts by legendary artists like Alton Ellis (RIP), Justin Hinds (RIP), King Stitt (RIP), Yabby You (RIP), Barry Brown (RIP), Gregory Isaacs (RIP), Sugar Minott (RIP), Prince Jazzbo (RIP), Lloyd Robinson (RIP), Junior Murvin (RIP), John Holt (RIP), Tony “The Melodians” Brevett (RIP), Peter Broggs (RIP), Trevor Junior (RIP), David “Steel Pulse” Hinds, Marcia Griffiths & Bob Andy, Max Romeo, U-Roy, Junior Reid, Mykal Roze, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartell, Sizzla, Buju Banton, Sean Paul, Shaggy or Shabba Ranks to name but a few… Often cut on home-made or rare riddims with our own custom lyrics, these are real specials you can only hear at Heartical shows!

Since 2001, Heartical’s owner, Sir Joe, has been writing for many French reggae media including Reggae Vibes Magazine, Ragga Magazine, Radikal, Reggae Magazine, Tricks Magazine or Clark Magazine. In 2001, Wap and Sir Joe took part in the creation of the radio show “Sunday Culture” on Paris based Radio Générations 88.2 FM.

In 2001, Heartical made his first international tour in Italy with Starkey Banton performing as special guest for three shows. In 2003, we toured Germany for the first time, performing at David Rodigan’s 25th anniversary tour with, Cutty Ranks & Soundquake.

In October 2003, Heartical won its first international soundclash in Antwerpen (Belgium) against The Netherlands champion at the time, Runn Sound. In 2003, Heartical also performed in Dour Festival, Europe’s largest alternative music gathering and also at the U-Zona Reggae Festival in Barcelona. In 2003 and 2004, Heartical took part in the French Maffe Sound Cup for the second time. In 2004, Heartical clashed again at the “South Clash 2” against Soul Stereo. In March 2005, the sound played in New York City with Stone Love & Massive B, then in May 2005, Heartical played with Killamanjaro in Paris. In June 2005, Heartical performed alongside Supersonic & Soundquake in the 100% dubplates night in Hamburg.In June 2006, Heartical clashed with Germany’s top sound Supersonic.

In November 2006, Heartical won the first “Heidelberg Soundclash” held in Germany defeating Rootsman (UK). In February 2007, Heartical clashed against veteran sound Luv Injection (UK) in Geneva/ Switzerland. In May 2007, Heartical battled with Guiding Star (FR) for the “Paris Reggae Champion” title. In March 2008, the sound was booked to clash against French veteran sound Blues Party.

In January 2009, Heartical won the “Venice International Clash” against Northern Lights from Udine (Italy) in Venice city. In February 2009, Heartical toured Mexico alongside local singer Dr Myal for two weeks, performing in Guadalajara and Mexico D.F. In March 2009, Heartical battled against Super Fresh (Canada), Irie Crew (Luxembourg/France) and Warrior Sound (Germany). Heartical also toured Ghana for the first time In August 2009, playing two shows in Accra city alongside the Mighty Black Waves Movement (JA). In 2011, Heartical played twice with David Rodigan and toured Europe with David Hinds from Steel Pulse, Top Cat, General Levy and Macka B.

In March 2013, Heartical was booked for the “Rise of the new blood” sound clash in Brooklyn, NYC against Black Magic (US) & BBC HiFi (US). In August 2013, Heartical battled with Youthman Promotion, Sir Coxsone and King Tubby’s at the first edition of “Battle of the dubplates” held during the One Love Festival near London (UK). In 2014, Heartical clashed against Guiding Star & Irie Crew at the Reggae Sun Ska Festival in Bordaux (South of France). Between 2006 and 2015, Heartical played in many new new territories like French Guyana, Mayotte Island, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Serbia, Croatia, Mexico, Ghana, India, Thailand and Israel !

Since 2001, The crew has also launched its own Heartical Label. Aimed at releasing old and new roots Reggae music, it nowadays represents a catalogue of 73 seven inches singles gathering over 130 exclusive songs and many dubs & instrumentals by Basque Dub Foundation, we also released lots of mixtapes and live recordings. On top of the CD “Heartical Story Vol.1” (2011) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the label, which was followed by “Heartical Story Vol.2” (2012), you can also check out our latest one-riddim releases “The Know Myslef Chronicles” (2011), “Books of Slaving Part 1&2” (2012), “Freedom Rockers” (2013) and “The Assault” (2015). All these records are available worldwide physically on 7″ and on legal download from all legal platforms.

We are now looking for people interested in licensing these tunes for CD and LP releases. Get ready for more Heartical music and feel free to get in touch with us for booking or licensing… Heartical ready anytime!



BUS 49/78/90/91/95

Centro Sociale Cantiere
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